Our Story

SILA Disinfection Technology and Social Distancing Control Solution has been developed by a group of Jordanian entrepreneurial electrical and mechanical engineers.

The story started when these passionate engineers came up with SILA Gate idea as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
SILA Disinfection and Protection Solutions is one of the first ideas supported by the Partners for Good incubator, this materialized in developing the SILA Smart Gates as a part of a set of preventive and protective sterilization solutions devised by the group of engineers. The SILA gate is an automated disinfection walk-through gate operating as an integrated electro-mechanical system.

Taking into consideration a safe, efficient and effective design in managing the disinfection rates of people, crowd control and early detection in public and private establishments. The technology achieves full-body disinfection without causing wetting through its optimally designed fog-mist spraying system and moderates the functionality of the nozzles through earlier detection of whether the passers-through the gate are adults, children, and wheelchair users.

7th Circle, Al-Hashim Complex, 1st floor, Masoud Bin Nasser St. P.O. Box: 850080, Postal Code: 11185, Amman, Jordan

Work Hours
Sunday to Thursday: 8:30AM - 04:30PM